Truyền hình xổ số thành phốBased on our 2017 NASP® Student Survey, we know that NASP® is already working for education, conservation, and the sport of archery. We also know that our NASP® archers want other outdoor and shooting sports opportunities.  In reconnecting with these young adults through the alumni association, we can not only connect them with each other and the fun of archery, but also with R3 opportunities and outdoor events near them.  Through the alumni effort, we can gladly assist the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife with the promotion of R3 activities that are exactly what our students say that they want!

In the first phase of the pilot program NASP® graduates were given the opportunity to participate in the first-ever NASP® Alumni Tournament held in conjunction with the KyNASP® State Tournament on March 14th, 2019.  NASP® graduates joined the new NASP® Alumni Association online to shoot in the Alumni Tournament.  Alumni teams and individual alumni members enjoyed reconnecting while competing for the chance to donate NASP® equipment to a school of their choice.  In their drive to give back to a program that brought them such joy and increase the opportunity for more children to be introduced to archery.

2019 NASP® Alumni Championship team.  The Bushwookies!