Truyền hình xổ số thành phốOne of the most exciting aspects of the National Archery in the School Program are the competitions.  It is a time for the students to enjoy the benefits of all their hard work and for parents, family and friends to watch the students compete.

It is important to note that for a school to be eligible to compete in NASP® events, that school must teach in school archery lessons to the students of that school.   These lessons must be in school, during the school day, in a class as part of the class curriculum.  Since these lessons must include to opportunity for the students to shoot a bow and arrow, they are typically taught in the school physical education classes.

Truyền hình xổ số thành phốIn most states there are many opportunities for schools to participate in competitions throughout the school year.  Early in the season, most events are local fundraising events for schools.  Later on, you will begin to see qualifying and regional events.  With the popularity of NASP® these regional and qualifying events have become necessary to limit the number of archers to a manageable level for a state tournament.  At the state tournament, teams and individuals qualify to move on to the National Tournament and from there the Open/Championship Tournament.

Even with all of the competition, if you ask these students like most about NASP®, they will tell you that it is FUN…

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